Thursday, March 30, 2006

Questionnaire for Introductory Accounting

When the schedule for pre-terms in ISB was announced, I had the question – Do I take the accounting pre-term?

The general trend for the “Introductory Accounting” pre-term in ISB is that all non CA’s or non-commerce grads need to attend this. ISB helps one decide whether he/she needs to attend the accounting pre-term by giving a “Questionnaire for Introductory Accounting”. But unfortunately test does no help for me. Though I never took any formal education for accounting, I know a bit of accounting because of my involvement in my father’s marble business. I wasn’t sure about the need of the accounting pre-term for me. I thought the test should help me decide. Here is the message I got after the test –

“You have a fair understanding of Accounting Concepts and do not necessarily have to do the pre-term course.
You have the option of deciding to enroll for the pre-term course.”

What does that mean? I have the option! I thought everyone has the option. In short the test did nothing for me to make a decision. I still have the question - Do I take the accounting pre-term?


Blogger Abhishek said...

Hey man.. considering what I got after test you are much better off..

whatever it said meant "u think you know any accounting? ha ha ha.. c u in pre-term class!"

So relatively speaking.. you are much better off.. In case if you have forgotten how a class looks like then you can take up the course.. Else there will be lot of parties during that time and we need someone to take care of them when we are attending class :-)

10:36 AM  
Blogger Kapil said...

well no harm in attendin those..since this would b low stake cnsidering u have some idea..u can use it 2 getter some intresting academic insights and co relate it with wht ur experience has taught u

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coming from someone who has been there done that, the pre term doesnt add too much to your understanding of accounting if you already are familiar with the subject. But it does help you get used to concentrating in class for over two hours at a stretch, and puts you in touch with a lot of people from different sections whom you otherwise will not get to know easily..

4:25 AM  

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