Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Water Polo

Yesterday was the first time I went for swimming in ISB pool. We had an interesting game of water polo. The rules were of ultimate Frisbee - applied to the game with a ball in a pool. Water polo is not probably the right name - but I need to continue with this till we coin a new name.

There were some 15-20 people in the pool. 10 of us playing and other were doing their laps. From what seniors told - the number of people going to swimming pool or rec center (recreation center) will soon decrease when the load of studies/assignments etc. builds up.

Wanted to play today as well - but couldn't since the pool was closed for cleaning. Hope to be there tomorrow if I don't go to the city. (City - it's the word used in ISB for going towards any of the densely populated areas of Hyderabad - I find it pretty odd to use but most of the people here won't understand if I tell them I am going to Srinagar Colony.)


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