My Random Thoughts

Saturday, May 20, 2006

First Exam in ISB

Yesterday we had our first exams in ISB – mid-term exams for two subjects. I think I did okay. Relative to my situation 4 days before the exam – I think I did well.

Most of the people were very disappointed with Managerial Eco paper – I don’t understand why. Everyone knows that the grading is relative – then why are people cribbing? Some (including myself) have committed mistake of attempting both the questions from a set of two optional questions. Some people have crossed all the limits and sent mails to professor – requesting him to consider the silly mistakes they have made. Come on guys - you can’t be so childish. It is just a mid-term exam of 1 of the 32 subjects. And then you have the end-term for the same subject. And then there is so much more in the world then grades.

There was a big party in Rock Garden in SV1 organized by the spouses. Food from Hyderabad House. Big turnout. Had a wonderful time.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Invitation From Shanghai

Good news to share – I have been selected to participate in “Being Globally Responsible Conference” organized by China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). Madhuri and Megh are the other two students selected for the same from ISB.

Here are some details about the conference –

China Europe International Business School (CEIBS; will launch its first ever student led conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) named BGRC (Being Globally Responsible Conference) from 9 June to 11 June of 2006.

Around 250 MBA students from top Asia Pacific MBA programmes and leading experts in the global CSR field will gather at CEIBS campus for the 3 day conference. The key objective of the conference is to enable students to properly understand CSR and to impress upon them the importance of it for their future career in the business world.

All expenses, including airlines, accommodation and meals will be covered by CEIBS, through the generous sponsorship of Degussa China.

Check the link - for more details.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Updates From ISB

A lot is happening in ISB.
Thursday May 11th –A party was organized – it was shorts and skirt party – with people dancing in some 1.5 feet deep pool. An innovative idea! I partied till 3 AM in the morning. Had a great time.

Friday May 12th – There have been some 3-4 confirmed cases of Chicken Pox in ISB Campus. (Some people say they are 7-8). Some people arranged for a vaccination for those who never had Chicken Pox. I got myself vaccinated.
Later went out to Srinagar Colony. Came back in night after dinner.

I realized – “I have studied for a total of 3 hours after coming to ISB. I need to study. I have two assignments to be submitted on Monday. Two midterm examinations next week!” I went to LRC (Learning Resource Centre or Library) for the first time to study the course books. Earlier I had been there only to read magazines.

Elections for GSB President are approaching. People are talking about who are the candidates – who should be elected – how should an ideal candidate be – etc. etc.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Hitting a quarter century

I will be 25 tomorrow on 7th May. At this time I am thinking of what all I have achieved in all these 25 years and what I would have achieved in next 25 years. 25 years is a very long time. But the past 25 years passed very soon – most of it in education – building the foundation for the stuff to be in done in next 25 years. Planning for next 25 years would be a very difficult thing. Here is an effort to list 10 things which I want to do in next 10 years.

To be CEO of my own company.
To make my company one of the best and biggest in its field/industry.
To float a successful IPO.
To own a Mercedes Benz.
To visit to at least 5 countries for holiday with my wife.
To learn golf.
To learn one foreign language – French/Spanish/some-other - be fluent in it.
To learn to play bridge and poker - win some big casino games.
To learn Salsa.
To start horse riding again and improve in that.

These are the things which I have in mind and this is certainly not exhaustive.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Water Polo

Yesterday was the first time I went for swimming in ISB pool. We had an interesting game of water polo. The rules were of ultimate Frisbee - applied to the game with a ball in a pool. Water polo is not probably the right name - but I need to continue with this till we coin a new name.

There were some 15-20 people in the pool. 10 of us playing and other were doing their laps. From what seniors told - the number of people going to swimming pool or rec center (recreation center) will soon decrease when the load of studies/assignments etc. builds up.

Wanted to play today as well - but couldn't since the pool was closed for cleaning. Hope to be there tomorrow if I don't go to the city. (City - it's the word used in ISB for going towards any of the densely populated areas of Hyderabad - I find it pretty odd to use but most of the people here won't understand if I tell them I am going to Srinagar Colony.)