Friday, June 23, 2006

Am I busy?

Some of friends who read my blog regularly have been complaining that I was not updating it. They asked – “Are you busy studying?”
The short answer is – yes I am busy – but not really studying.
Here is my schedule for last 48 hours

22nd June

  • Watched Brazil vs. Argentina football match
  • Quickly browsed through Eli Lilly case in Corporate Strategy
  • Slept at 3
  • Got up to attend classes starting at 8.15
  • Lunch
  • Met with group for MarkStrat Decision 3 – finished in 3 hours (and that’s quick compared to time other groups take)
  • Came back to room – gossip with quadies for some time
  • Talked to my sweetheart for an hour
  • Went out for dinner with friends
  • Met family friends and an old friend – had a nice time.

23rd June

  • Came back to ISB at 1 AM
  • Checked mails, chat with a couple of friends
  • Reviewed a close friend’s 10 page proposal he is sending to a client
  • Slept at 3
  • Got up at 10
  • Read newspaper
  • General discussion with Partha (my quadi) about DMOP (a subject) and then about comparing developed and developing economies on various factors and their growth rates etc – I guess macro economics effect.
  • Lunch
  • Sat in magazine section of library and read some magazines
  • Went to Microsoft, met friends/colleagues
  • Microsoft vs. ISB football match in Microsoft Campus
  • Came back to ISB and attended Entrepreneurship club meeting
  • Dinner
  • Came back to room
  • A few friends planned for movie – MI3. Went out
  • On way back to ISB – stopped at ohri’s to eat
  • Back at 2 AM

The plan for 24th is also similar

  • A guest lecture by Mumbai Dabbawalas
  • Spanish Class (Started a week back)
  • First try with Golf
  • A party in evening

Am I doing right? This is why I cam to ISB?
Anyways – need to sleep now. Good night friends!


Blogger Bon said...

You do gr8 time keeping, Kaps.

12:03 PM  

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